It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Blind): Independence Day-Resurgence Review

The inescapable destruction of landmarks, such as London, were assembled with the grace of a student driver late for school on his girlfriend’s birthday. To describe them as operating on “auto pilot” implies a mechanical design to the madness on-screen that I failed to recognize.


Heat Wave: Your All-Inclusive Guide to the 2016 Summer Movie Season

The four-month stretch (traditionally lasting May through August) has a reputation for exclusively offering the latest in popcorn munching, big budget spectacles but there’s plenty to offer for the discerning viewer. 2016 looks like it’ll have much to choose from cinematically, whether it be the production of an above average thought or just big dumb fun.

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?: Some Thoughts from a Disappointed Superman Fan Following Dawn of Justice

SPOILERS FOR BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE The climactic action set piece to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the second entry in D.C. Comics’ burgeoning cinematic universe, feature’s the company’s trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) battling the monstrous Doomsday, a Frankenstein-esque creation by Lex Luthor that threatens to destroy Metropolis and the... Continue Reading →

Planet Hollywood: Hell’s Club and The Art of the Remix

That narrative summation of Hell's Club still neglects to mention the various other threads that barely hold the experiment from tearing apart. The video’s overlapping dialogue, consciously uniform lighting design, and digital compositing makes you feel like you’re experiencing an animate wax museum that draws little distinctions between genres or even multiple personas of different actors.

What’s a Magneto?: What Comic Book Movies Can Still Learn from X-Men, the Genre’s Underrated Masterpiece

Even over fifteen years later, X-Men continues to stand as an artistic watermark that both its sequels and the larger genre marketplace have routinely failed to live up to. Progressively, the franchise seems obsessed with constructing elaborate action set pieces and further complicating a continuity that skirts the edges of outright collapse. You could say this is an attempt to make a larger splash in a market that prizes shared universes and interconnected narratives but you would only be half right.

The Street Always Wins: 2015 in Film

Had we ever seen an animated film as emotionally dense as Inside Out? Had a seventy plus year old director ever made an action movie as on edge and youthful as Mad Max: Fury Road? Did The Big Short make our understanding of the financial system even more tragically comic? The fact that these and many more questions exist prove that 2015 was very much so a solid year for movies.

Only Your Hatred Can Destroy You: The Wavering Contrasts of The Empire Strikes Back

And when it comes to memorable lightsaber duels, there is no better example than the climax of The Empire Strikes Back, the middle chapter to the original trilogy. Our hero, Luke Skywalker, goes toe-to-toe with the ominous force of villainy known as Darth Vader. The atmospheric environment within the vast, deserted halls of Cloud City highlight a meeting of the minds that has been teased but yet to be realized over the course of a film and three quarters.

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