Gone in 60 Mbps: Notes on Swordfish, A Breathtaking Disasterpiece

One such film is Swordfish, the techno action-thriller that has aged as gracefully as a Surge on one of those endless summer days. I decided to revisit the forgotten Dominic Sena joint in the interest of seeing what it had to teach me today in 2017.


Heat Wave: Your All-Inclusive Guide to the 2016 Summer Movie Season

The four-month stretch (traditionally lasting May through August) has a reputation for exclusively offering the latest in popcorn munching, big budget spectacles but there’s plenty to offer for the discerning viewer. 2016 looks like it’ll have much to choose from cinematically, whether it be the production of an above average thought or just big dumb fun.

Planet Hollywood: Hell’s Club and The Art of the Remix

That narrative summation of Hell's Club still neglects to mention the various other threads that barely hold the experiment from tearing apart. The video’s overlapping dialogue, consciously uniform lighting design, and digital compositing makes you feel like you’re experiencing an animate wax museum that draws little distinctions between genres or even multiple personas of different actors.

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