Turnover on Downs: Heaven Can Wait, Love, and Football

In many ways, "Heaven Can Wait" serves as a slight corrective to these previously masochistic self-evaluations. Co-directed with his co-star Henry, Beatty pivots away from the critical atmosphere of the moment into traditional romantic comedy territory that gives direct plot reasoning for his nervous and addled performance style.


Coming Soon to Videocassette: The Curious, Nostalgic Pleasures of VHS Intros

These strange collections of trailers, soundtrack ads, and other promotions have provided me for an amusing and enlightening trip down memory lane that memorializes the forgotten, well worn tapestry that makes up these tapes as much as it reminds me of the bygone eras that my favorite movies were birthed from.

Heat Wave: Your All-Inclusive Guide to the 2016 Summer Movie Season

The four-month stretch (traditionally lasting May through August) has a reputation for exclusively offering the latest in popcorn munching, big budget spectacles but there’s plenty to offer for the discerning viewer. 2016 looks like it’ll have much to choose from cinematically, whether it be the production of an above average thought or just big dumb fun.

The Street Always Wins: 2015 in Film

Had we ever seen an animated film as emotionally dense as Inside Out? Had a seventy plus year old director ever made an action movie as on edge and youthful as Mad Max: Fury Road? Did The Big Short make our understanding of the financial system even more tragically comic? The fact that these and many more questions exist prove that 2015 was very much so a solid year for movies.

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