You’ve Taken Your First Step Into A Larger World: The Rewarding Singularity of Star Wars

But even after all these years, special editions, fan edits, novelizations, and impending sequels, Star Wars holds up as a profound cinematic experience that uses all of the medium’s narrative and stylistic tricks to imbue in its audience a memorable journey of escapism.


I Have the High Ground: The Stoicism of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith

Obi-Wan may lack the easily recognizable iconography that sets Vader and the pair of droids apart but his role in the space opera is no less important. Kenobi’s maturation from Jedi apprentice, to knight, followed by master, and culminating in his spiritual form as a specter of the Force is among the most comprehensive evolutions the franchise has yet to see.

The Dark Side Clouds Everything: The Thorny Diplomacy of Attack of the Clones

Anyone who griped at the presence of intricate, time consuming politics in The Phantom Menace where undoubtedly disappointed on an even further exploration of it in Attack of the Clones. Of the three prequel films, Attack of the Clones brings politics the most to the forefront, filling as many (if not more scenes) of policy discourse than ones of hyperspace jumps, blaster battles, and space dogfights

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